Thursday, August 20, 2015

When Did This Become an Addiction

When Did This Become an Addiction?

"If you've made up your mind you can do something you're absolutely RIGHT."  I've always loved that line.  Woodrow knew exactly what he was talking about.  As I age, it becomes more and more true.
12 months ago, my body didn't have a clue what running felt like. (I mean, I suppose that deep in there somewhere, it remembered Middle School track, but I doubt that counts.)

I was convinced that I just wasn't made for running. I convinced myself that I'd never be able to do it. Whatever excuse I could use, I used.

I posted a blog back in June of last year, excited to have completed my first 5k on a treadmill. I may have gone the distance that day, but it was just barely. I walked much more than I ran, but I felt the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing any goal distance and it energized me to keep pushing. I signed up for the Diva Half Marathon & 5k race and promised myself I would finish the 5k.

I not only completed that race, I actually finished 12 other 5k runs last year (and thanks to the fact that some girls my age don't like running in the freezing rain, I actually medaled for top 3 in my age group five times!)

I won't pretend that I am a "great" runner. I get beat by elementary school students at least once a month! (I'm running a series of elementary school 5K's, so I can assure you, I know my place!). Or that I know what I'm doing out there. I absolutely won't lie and say that I don't work for each one of those finishes. But, despite the hills, freezing rain, numb hands, and sweaty mess I become, I am completely and utterly IN LOVE WITH RUNNING!

I am constantly amazed at what my body is capable of. This process has given me so much confidence in what it will continue to do.

I will continue my 5k's, but have also added a 10k and 15k for this year. I also plan to complete (see how I didn't type "attempt"? That defeatist attitude is LONG gone!) my first half marathon this year. My first "real" run was the 2014 Diva 5k. My first half, will be the 2015 Diva Half. I will wear a tutu. I will run with feathers. I will want to quit, but I will not. I have seen what my body can do, and I will not go back to the girl I used to be. I will not accept defeat. I will keep moving forward, competing only with myself.

I love this addiction. I will keep feeling it.  I will keep working.  I will keep pushing to be just a little better each day.

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