Balsamic Chicken Mason Jar Salad

These simple and delicious Balsamic Chicken Mason Jar Salads are great for a grab-and-go lunch.  They stay fresh all week (I prep on Sundays and these still taste great on Friday!) and are a breeze to throw together. The below yielded me 6 salad jars for the week.

I start by making the dressing - feel free to use a store bought to save even more time, but I prefer to make mine at home, so that I know exactly what is in it.  Add 2 TBSP to the bottom of each jar.

Balsamic Vinaigrette (makes 6 servings of 2 TBSP each)
6 TBSP Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
1 tsp raw honey
2 tsp Dijion mustard
6 TBSP Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Whisk together first 4 ingredients, then slowly whisk in the EVOO - it's that simple!

Rinse black beans (I used 2 cans of Simple Truth Organic Black Beans)

Add 1/2 cup of black beans to each jar:

Next add 4 oz (approx. 3/4 cup) shredded or diced chicken to each jar:

Dice 2 large red bell peppers and 2 cucumbers. I love how the sweet pepper compliments the crispy, coolness of the cucumber.
Dice these according to your personal preferences, or feel free to substitute either ingredient for carrot, radish, jicama, celery, or any of your favorite veggies. 
Add 1 cup of the bell pepper/cucumber mix to each jar: 

Top the jars with 1 cup (packed) Spinach - feel free to swap the spinach for romaine, spring mix, or your favorite salad base.  **I don't recommend using iceberg as it does not hold up as well; however, you can make these with iceberg up to 2 days in advance, if that is the only lettuce you prefer.**
Add lids and your salads are ready to go! 


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